How Stress Prevents Weight Loss

If you are always stressed out, chances are, you are also gaining weight because of it. Even those who eat healthy and have regular exercise can still gain a lot of weight due to chronic stress.

Stressed about the bills? Stressed because of your workload? It doesn’t matter what is causing it, your body reacts to stress the same way every time. Whenever you are stressed, your body releases potent hormones in the form of adrenaline. Aside from adrenaline, you’d also get a surge of cortisol. Adrenaline taps stored energy so you can deal with stress but the cortisol that comes after tells your body to replenish the energy you have used. This can make you quite hungry.

If the stress continues, you’d keep getting cortisol in your system and you’d keep getting hungry. To ensure weight loss even if you are really stressed out, reach for a carrot or a stick of celery instead of eating delicious, greasy food. Sure, they are delicious and they are definitely satisfying but remember, your body is reacting to stress and gaining a few pounds because of it is not what you want.

It is normal to want to eat food that is high in fat when you are stressed. These types of food help release pleasure chemicals in the brain. This can be addicting.

Does this mean you should stay away from stress? If possible, yes. This will give your body a rest. However, this is impossible and you’d likely be stressed by something at one point. but if you can’t help it, your body will keep pumping out cortisol and will also affect muscle building hormones from working. This can add to the problem because aside from building muscle from all that calorie intake, you’d keep storing fat.

Obviously, it’s difficult, even near impossible, to get rid of stress altogether but you have a few options to minimize it. A reputable weight loss pill together with exercise can help you lose weight, for example. You can also minimize your food intake.