Is There Any Invalid Reason To Lose Weight?

American waist lines have expanded for the last forty years. This is no secret. Airlines have even considered charging overweight passengers for more than one seat. This plan failed, but there are consequences of obesity as well. The incidence of Type II diabetes in adults is increasing. It is also increasing in children. Video games may or may not be part of this, although they are certainly not helping. With all of the doctors concerned about expanding waist lines, a person might wonder if there are any incorrect reasons to start a weight loss plan. As surprising as it may seem with all the media messages, there are reasons why a person should not reduce how much they weight.

The most obvious reason from a person to refrain from losing weight is if they suffer from certain types of eating disorders. Anorexics, for example, need to deal with their body image issues and gain counseling. Engaging in extreme diets and the methods they use to lose weight are dangerous. Anorexics often develop other severe health problems unless someone intervenes on their behalf quickly. Other eating disorders may or may not allow for weight loss. Binge eating disorder, for example, would generally require a person to shed pounds.

There are other reasons why a person may not want to lose weight. Wrestlers, for example, often have to worry about their weight class. If someone is under the needed amount for the weight class for his match, he may want to eat a little more before he enters the ring. Many professionals have criticized high school wrestling programs for putting students at risk with their suggested weight loss or weight gain methods. For the most part, however, people should lose weight unless they way far less than their minimum weight. This is not a common problem in the United States at the moment.